Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. have long been passionate about protecting and defending the rights of the injured –
especially those workers that are injured on the job. We have established a solid reputation as a dedicated and ethical law firm that has handled
well over two-thousand workers’ compensation cases.


We specialize in the following areas of law to best meet your needs:

Defense Base Act

Longshore & Harbor Workers’
Compensation Act

Florida Workers’
Compensation Act

Non-Appropriated Funds
Instrumentalities Act


Auto, Motorcycle &
Trucking Accidents

Social Security

Personal Injury

Hearing Loss


Workers’ Compensation Cases




Personal Injury Cases


Recovered for Clients


  • Although my elderly father’s claim lasted several years, Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. continued to fight for us until we prevailed. We appreciate all that they do for our family.

    Elbert R.
  • I was very pleased with the outcome of  my claim and the services provided by Mr. Doolittle and his staff.

    Rudolph H.
  • To anyone that needs a good attorney, I would highly recommend Doolittle & Tucker, P.A.

    Vernon M.
  • Zachary Tucker of Doolittle & Tucker, P. A. handled my worker’s compensation case last year. Although it was a small claim in comparison to the high-profile cases they are accustomed to, Mr. Tucker was very attentive, accessible and extremely resolute in ensuring that I would be compensated fairly, regardless of whether he would be paid for his services. I was very pleased with the prompt and positive outcome, and would highly recommend Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. for your legal needs.

  • Zachary Tucker of Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. represented me in a workman’s comp injury that left me unable to work in my previous field. He was absolutely responsible for the settlement I received. Had I acted on my own, I would never be in the position I am now. Zach took over my case after three years of dealing with the insurance company. I wish that I had obtained his services much earlier in my case. I didn’t pay him anything up front and he charged a very fair price for settling my claim. I received expert help from him and his team.

  • I had the pleasure of Zachary Tucker to represent me through the law firm of Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. I could not have had a better lawyer standing by me through my work comp case. He is extremely knowledgeable with the complex work comp system we have in Florida. He fought for me as he was fighting for himself. Even when the carrier threw a curve ball at me HE NEVER GAVE UP ON ME. He was always there to answer any questions I had regardless of how small they were. I was really scared throughout the whole process and he kept reassuring me that everything would be fine – just let me do my job. Today, I have my life back and it is better than before. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Zachary Tucker for your work comp case. He is hands down one of the best lawyers in Florida.

  • Our experience with Zachary Tucker and everyone at Doolittle & Tucker, P.A.  was nothing but GREAT. They took the time to listen to not just my husband but my concerns also. If anyone is looking for a law firm that cares about their clients this is the law firm for you. I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they put into our case!
  • Paul M. Doolittle of Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. was understanding and amazing. He asked me what I wanted and kept me legally on the straight and narrow. He and his staff were professional, friendly and really knew the law! I had never been through anything like the injury that ended my career so their passion for the law, patience with me and open communication when I needed them was incredible! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that has to deal with Defense Base Act Law. 
  • I was involved in an auto accident in April 2016 that was not my fault. Being my first (and hopefully ONLY) car accident, I didn’t know what to do. I reached out to Paul M. Doolittle for legal help & I am so happy that I did. Mr. Doolittle himself, as well as the rest of the team, were able to settle my lawsuit while keeping me informed of what was happening the entire time. Legal matters tend to be confusing to an average person, but they made sure to break everything down and explain very thoroughly what was happening. Any question I had, they always had an answer. Without their help, I don’t believe I would have been as generously compensated for my injuries if I used another attorney. I highly recommend using this firm for legal needs as they have helped me tremendously. I’ll never take my legal matters elsewhere!
  • When confronted with a battle over an injury that no one believes or wants to accept you have, make no mistake about it… one must be prepared to engage in a protracted battle which will either bring you peace or utter ruin. In order to win and win decisively, one must choose the best General to lead your cause. Mr. Paul Doolittle and his army of associates are that elite force you will need to obtain that Victory! Exceptional performance and work conducted in the managing of my case from the beginning to end.
  • I hired Mr. Doolittle after my husband was injured overseas and eventually passed away. Every step of the way he explained everything to me, gave me time to grieve. He was so kind and fought for me and my family. This was a situation that no one should ever have to bear. Mr. Doolittle and his whole staff took me in and helped me. They fought for my rights and let me be heard. It was tough but they made everything as smooth as possible. Always in contact to answer even what to them may have been the stupidest of questions, but to me they were important. They all made me feel like I was their only priority.
  • Zach Tucker, Esq., is a sharp, energetic and professional attorney who represented me in my Defense Base Act claim. Mr. Tucker traveled to Chicago from Florida whenever necessary to be personally present with me for things like my deposition and later at a mediation. Mr. Tucker’s extensive knowledge of the Defense Base Act and related statutes worked in my favor throughout the course of litigation and especially during negotiations; I’m extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend the team of Zach Tucker and Paul Doolittle of Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. if you have a case involving the Defense Base Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, or a workers’ compensation issue.




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